About Me

A little about me...

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have been in corporate America for the last 35 years. Now that I've retired from the corporate life I wanted to do something totally different. I have raised two beautiful girls, and now I found myself an empty nester. I have always loved gardening, growing roses are my specialty. My other passion was collecting Fairy statues for my outside flower gardens. One day my daughter asked me to help her make a terrarium. So, I took my great niece, then 5 year old, with me to collect the items needed. I found so much peace and serenity in making the first Gardens that it has now become my passion. I have found if you are 90 or 5 years old a fairy garden brings a smile and happy feeling to whoever sees or receives one. I have them throughout my house and I believe the Fairy Gardens have brought peace, feng shui, serenity & joy to my home. 

Let's Collaborate

I enjoy working with people to find the perfect garden to fit their style. We'll discuss your favorite colors and the mood you'd like to create.